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MAP S.p.A., present on the market since more than 100 years

Recreational crafts

MAP S.p.A., present on the market since more than 100 years, is considered a main company in manufacturing of materials and functional-aesthetic components, both for upholstery/covering and thermo-acoustic insulation in countless sectors. In the last decade, thanks to its know-how and to a dedicated structure, entered successfully into the shipbuilding and marine industry by means of eco-friendly and recyclable products and solutions, all qualified as per regulations in force.

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Nautical for body shop composed of. For over 100 years on the market of acoustic and thermal insulation, plastic coatings
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Mapflex® is a recyclable viscoelastic sound insulating material made of polymers and mineral fillers. Awesome features of sound transmission loss, fire reaction (it just chars, does not melt, in case of fire), as well as low smoke emission, permitted to achieve M.E.D. homologation (RINA) and Fire retardant veneers approval (Class NK – Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) upgrading this product as the only one substitute of lead (Pb) and PVC sheets. Flexible and versatile, it can be applied on several structures (metallic, GRP, honeycomb, composite) and fire protection materials in order to enhance their lowly acoustic performance clearly.

Since the success of Soundfil® line and shipbuilders’ wish to have a product endowed with similar technical features but higher performances, a new line of sound absorbers and thermal insulators, named Mapfire®has been created. Made of polyester fibres as well, it is coupled to a special felt which enhancesacoustic properties at medium-low frequencies. It represents an effective substitute of standard polyurethane foams and mineral fibres, keeping its features of durability (no rotting) intact. Excellent fire reaction properties and low smoke emission qualify the product for increasingly important uses in the nautical and naval sector.

To solve troubles of noise transmission throughout structures, MAP S.p.A. proposes two products that join technology and functionality.

Terophon® is an anti-drumming made of synthetic resins in aqueous dispersion, without hazardous substances, apt for structure-borne noise and vibration control, and thermal insulation. It is applicable by spray or spatula and adheres to metallic surfaces (even curved or uneven) perfectly.

Legetolex® D300E is a constrained layer damping material in very lightweight and thin sheets, featuring very high vibration damping and radiation efficiency abatement. Its adhesive, further upgrading part of the product, assures solid grip even in non-optimal conditions and on any vibrating, flat or uneven surface. Approved as per M.E.D., it represents the alternative to traditional viscoelastic bi-component products, guaranteeing certain performances and dramatic reduction of application times.

NAVYDAMP is a self-adhesive product with a buildable constriction layer characterized by high damping structural. Peculiarities of the product:

  • Excellent performance : Extremely high modular damping ( double layer viscoelastic ), also on structures of important thickness and air mass. Almost insensitive to temperature changes. Ideal for the treatment of wide frequency spectra on thick metal structures or dividing elements of various kinds.
  • Quick application : Drastic reduction of labor times thanks to the extreme simplicity of application of the product, self-adhesive and flexible, does not require the preparation of mixtures or time drying or activation.
  • Safety, made certain : Compared to the classic two-component polyurethane, the application process of NAVYDAMP it is more controllable and therefore qualitatively superior, since dependent parameters are eliminated the composition, the amount of product actually applied and the skill of the applicator. NAVYDAMP does not contain or release hazardous emissions for applicators and end users.

IMO 2010 FTP Code – M.E.D. 2014/90 / EU approved versions – NAVYDAMP ALU (MED348220CS / 001) – NAVYDAMP ST (MED348220CS / 002)

A range of fabrics, technical fibres and thermal insulator made of E and HT glass fibre complements the insulation line. Among those in evidence, Termomap® A is a product studied and approved specifically for passive fire protection of “steel-equivalent” structures, GRP, ply and aluminium. Non combustible (M.E.D. Item A.1/3.13), manufactured by needling long fibres, safe and extremely flexible, it permits to achieve fire resistance classes B-15, A-30 and A-60 as per FTP Code 2010, RINA Rules Commercial, MCA LY3 and MCA MGN 407, joining high flow resistivity and noise attenuation.

Through constant support of its acoustic engineering, research & development, MAP S.p.A offers expertise and professionalism to design insulating systems, settling their application procedures and certifying their performance, interacting with designers, shipyards and notified bodies, adhering to rules in force and aiming to specific technical-economic targets.

“Fonomap®” line includes a wide range of systems composed of viscoelastic limp mass and polyester fibre mat in two or more layers, “non combustible” as per ISO 4589-3 (Recreational Craft Directive, Oxygen Index > 21, RINA Rules Pleasure).
Performances of Fonomap® 203 , Fonomap® 192 and Fonomap® 175, acknowledged and appreciated since early 2000, have been recently improved by Fonomap® 213/1, floating mass sound insulator particularly suitable for application where high insertion-loss-to-weight ratio is mandatory. Safe and self-extinguishing, it substitutes old multilayer products lead-sheet-based (or PVC) on vessels under 24 m length very well. It is also available in a version that meets Annex 10 of MGN 280 (M) MCA.

Following recent amendments by RINA (Amendments to Part C of the Rules for the classification of Pleasure Yachts, March 2014) “pleasure” vessels longer than 24 m and heavier than 300GT as well need fire-resisting type approvals relevant with divisions of engine room and galley However this requirement has been already in force since years for classified superyachts and megayachts (e.g. RINA Commercial, MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code LY3).
MAP S.p.A. avails itself of many approved and validated stratigraphies for soundproofing and fire protection, characterised by a wide range of applicability. Nevertheless our company cooperates with yards and notified bodies constantly, to define new “custom” solutions that could meet technical, regulatory and economic specifications.