Acustic and thermal insulation systems

Capable of meeting any type of requests

Acustic and thermal insulation systems

Thanks to a virtually infinite range of products we are capable of meeting any type of requests and needs of our customers. Our in-house laboratory for the study of acoustics and vibrations analyzes the raw materials available on the market in order to create multifunctional compounds. Our flexible and efficient hot-rolling mills enable rolling various types of materials, also in limited quantities. The dimensional quality and accuracy of the parts is ensured by the shearing process, supported on request by hot thermocompression, which enables moulding and bonding the perimeters.

  • Management of manifold materials of variable thicknesses. Infinite possibilities of product characterization by combinations and finishes
  • Possibility of supplying products with or without adhesive
  • Exclusive materials thanks to our partnership with world-leading producers of specialized materials
  • Materials technically qualified in our laboratory and certified by external bodies
  • Products complying with the strictest regulations in force

Our systems

Acoustics and Vibrations laboratory

Sound insulation

We have a semi-anechoic chamber at disposal, interfaced with a reverberation chamber for the measurement of the sound reduction index of materials or mock-ups of typical stratigraphies of civil, industrial and ship structures.

  • Measuremnet of Sound Proofing / Sound Transmission Loss values (internal approach re: SAE J1400 / ISO 15186-1 / ASTM E2249)
  • Calculation of sound reduction index RW (ISO 717-1)
  • Calculation of sound transmission loss S.T.C. (ASTM E413)

Sound absorption

The impedance tubes (Kundt) enable assessing the sound absorption and the specific impedance of materials within a plane wave acoustic field. Other observations in a diffuse acoustic field can be made by measuring the reverberation chamber.

  • Measurement of the normal-incidence sound absorption coefficient (ISO 10534-2)
  • Measurement of specific normal-incidence acoustic impedance (ISO 10534-2)
  • Diffuse-incidence sound absorption – reverberation chamber (internal approach re.: ISO 3382 / ISO 354)


FIre reaction and heat transmission Through the impulse response or vibro-acoustic reciprocity technique it is possible to measure some fundamental parameters relating to the transmission of vibrations and structural noise.

  • Damping, loss factor, decay rate time of sound-deadening and dampening products (internal approach re: SAE J671 / ISO 6721, MIL-PRF-23653D)
  • Efficacy assessment of sound-deadening and dampening installations on actual structure

Fire reaction and heat transfer

Fire reaction and heat transfer

Our sound insulation and passive fire protection systems are engineered and tested in-house before being certified by accredited laboratories. We also submit the finished items to heat transmission simulation in order to calculate the balance states or to estimate the evolution over time of temperatures and heat flows. We are well cognizant of and fully compliant with the specific requirements of each product sector, as we aim at meeting any request correctly, while avoiding overstating the stratigraphies uselessly.