Policy Quality

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Policy Quality

It is the conviction of this organization that developing, implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System is an indispensable tool for setting objectives consistent with the business initiative, respecting the commitments undertaken with the Customers, optimizing the use of resources, both internal and external and promote continuous improvement of business processes through their planning and monitoring.

In order to spread the will and commitment of the General Management on this issue, the present communication is published, so that it is shared with all personnel at all levels, as Company Policy and programmatic commitment to the topics indicated below.

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For MAP SpA the understanding of the Customers’ needs (Requirements) and the perception of their expectations are essential prerequisites to achieve their satisfaction fully.


For MAP SpA it is necessary to control the operations performed in the different processes, planning the activities and recording all data related to the outcome of their development, so that critical factors directly influencing the product can be controlled.


For MAP SpA it is essential to monitor the activities carried out in the different processes by collecting and analyzing the data so that we can identify all factors that most influence the customer’s perception of our product and our work.


Our organization intends to involve all collaborators, employees and partners in the process of quality improvement in full understanding and awareness of their roles for the complete realization of the Company Quality Policy.


For MAP SpA it becomes essential to analyze the progress, the needs, and the potential criticalities of the different Processes, collecting information and data through the tools of the QMS and the Audits. This allows their analysis in order to define and implement appropriate initiatives for the continuous improvement of the whole Quality Management System


It is the firm belief of our organization to continue to operate in full compliance with the contractual conditions, as well as with current legislation, sector and product applicable standards, with particular attention to all binding aspects concerning Safety at Work and Environmental Protection.

September 1st 2017
General Management Representative