Engineering & design structural reaction injection molding|Map spa Bergamo

Prototyping, engineering & designing
Thanks to our qualified and efficient technical-organizational structure we are in a position to assist or substitute the customer in the project management phase within our competence. We are in a position to operate and coordinate the multifarious aspects of the project rapidly and effectively, ranging from design to ergonomics as far as kinematics and structural calculatons. We have an in-house prototype department at disposal with job-dedicated spaces.
  • Modern management with job-dedicated project leaders. 1 only interlocutor per project
  • Qualified and skilled staff with at least 15 years' experience
  • 3D design with PRO-Engineer system
  • Computing capacity of internal FEM finished items
  • Internal reverse engineering by means of HEXAGON laser scanning system
  • Ability to make prototypes and pre-productions as close as possible to standard production

SRIM structural reaction injection molding