Textile linings
An extremely flexible and versatile solution which enables carrying out high-quality external covers with a relatively low investment. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry we are in a position to handle the most complex shapes and functions while combining ergonomics and style. The aesthetical quality and the durability of our products is ensured by the use of the best ABS blends available on the market, finished with an ultra-matt surface and offering outstanding UV-resistance. The product level can be further increased by means of soft feel and soft touch materials, or by inserting polyurethane injection parts, such as armrests, pockets and glare-shields.
  • High quality level of materials, UV resistance and colour fastness
  • High degree of accuracy in the use of CNC-machined and temperature-controlled moulds
  • Skilled manufacturing of complex and assembled workpieces, such as furniture or air ducts
  • Possibility to introduce inserts and components for the supply of a ready-to-install product
  • Global project management with 3D design and final fine-tuning
  • Capability of thermoforming workpieces measuring 2000mm*3000mm up to 1000mm high