Body parts
SRIM exterior - ABS pmma double shell
Top class product for structural guards and external canopies. Combines the aesthetic quality and colour fastness of ABS PMMA the flexibility of RIM-technology injection polyurethane. The compound is further characterized by glass-strand mat to ensure mechanical performance and thermal stability of absolute excellence.
  • ABS PMMA external batch-dyed skin, does not need coating
  • Guarantee of UV resistance
  • PUR rim internal structure with glass strand mat
  • Extreme shape flexibility. Variable thicknesses from 2mm to 100mm
  • Possibility to introduce inserts and frames during polyurethane injections or a posteriori during assembly
  • Guaranteed continuous thermal resistance up to 110°
  • Possibility to embed all desired functions and services in the system: grids, handles, locking systems, gas springs, headlamps
  • Capability to thermoform workpieces measuring 2000mmm*3000mm up to 1000mmm high
  • Global project management with 3D design and final fine-tuning